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       As a team of experienced professionals from top universities in Canada, we bring the latest research-based approaches and innovative teaching methods to the classroom. We offer a unique learning experience by using our scientific methods that have been widely accepted in academic conferences and journals.

      Languistic is unique in that all of our courses are based on authentic language used in everyday life (e.g., in an office, restaurant, bank, home or arena). In addition, learning at Languistic is not limited to a few hours of class time; we rely on cutting-edge technology and gamified activities to help keep you learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

Meet the Founders

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Professor Monty

Professor Monty is a graduate of the prestigious Master of Applied Linguistics program at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). He has also completed his Bachelor of Commerce from the highly-ranked McGill University. He has experience teaching at universities, colleges, corporations and high schools in Canada and Europe (e.g., Università Bio-Medico, Concordia University, Collège Lasalle, Cégep de Granby, WindTre Corporation). His thousands of subscribers on YouTube appreciate his novel teaching and exciting endeavours (e.g., cycling across Canada).

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Professor Hamid

Professor Hamid holds two Master’s degrees: Teaching English as a Second Language and Applied Linguistics (Concordia University in Montreal, Canada). Additionally, he has earned a Bachelor of Science in Water Engineering from the highly-ranked Shahroud University of Technology. His language teaching and research experience span over 17 years at universities, colleges, corporations, and high schools in Canada and the Middle East (e.g., Concordia University, Shahroud University, Collège Reine-Marie, Mayan Group Corporation, Abidi Pharmaceuticals Co.). Professor Hamid’s innovative ideas about teaching languages have been published and presented at several conferences and journals worldwide.

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