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-10, one-hour small-group online classes


-For each registered student, 5 private conversation sessions with a native speaker (30 mins/session)


-Customized learning plan for your business or group of employees


-Expert teacher for business English


-Join from anywhere in the world


-Flexible booking & cancellation


-Online textbook with 1000s of speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises/quizzes with instant feedback; homework and corrections


-Final exam e-flashcards using cutting-edge technology


-Individualized feedback on speaking and writing exercises outside of class hours


-Customized materials and videos



Pricing of Individual and Small-Group Courses

(Total price per course for all students)



Class of 1 student (individual course)

CAD 1299

Class of 2 students

CAD 1899

Class of 3 students

CAD 2699

Class of 4 students

CAD 3399

Class of 5 students

CAD 3999

Individual Course

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